Traveling from Kawthaung to Myeik and the other way around

Actually this stretch has been easy in the 2016 – 2017 Season, an airline called Apex Airline, which in most guide books or blogs is mentions flew daily this particular route from around 60 USD. In the 2017 – 2018 this Airline stopped flying for unknown reason. So this is the reason for this blog on the last bid of the South for those who want to travel all the way down to the south of Myanmar or start from the most southern city Kawthaung (Victoria Point)


There are two direct flights connection between Myeik and Kawthaung with Myanmar Airways The airline will fly Wednesdays and Sundays for a starting price of 102 USD. Flight departes round lunch time from Myeik and just after lunch from Kawthaung. For exact times it is better to visit their website (   Then their website will try to reroute you back to Yangon for even higher prices.

Bus & Minivan

The daily option by land is possible now without any problems and permits. The ride takes something between 10-12 hours depending on the driver. The road is sometimes windy, occasionally bump, but overall in good conditions. The southern stretch from Bokypin to Kawthaung is boring as there is only Palm Oil plantation. The norther part from Myeik to Tanintharyi is actually nice to look at if you have the change to travel buy day.

For those who have time you can stop in Tanintharyi (AC Guesthouse, 30000 Kyats single and 40000 Kyats double with breakfast ) as well as Bokpyin (Simple Guesthouse, shared bathroom, prices change from face to face, but should be under 10000 Kyats).

Here is a little bus table, but times might vary throughout the season. So please let me know if you have experienced different times and prices


  • From Myeik to Kawthaung - AC Bus (12:00, 1:00. 3:00 PM) - 23000 Kyats
  • From Myeik to Kawthaung - Minivan (10:00 AM. 3:00 PM) - 25000 Kyats
  • From Kawthaung to Myeik - AC Bus (12:00 PM) - 23000 Kyats
  • From Kawthaung to Myeik - Minivan (4:00-6:00 PM) - 25.000 Kyas


Some of you will say I read something about a romantic ferry seven hour ride through the Archipelago. Yes this ferry rides did exits until December 2015. Then the road link of 440 kilometers was completed and the locals stayed on the bass. Finally the ferry was not sustainable anymore. Also there is no more ferry boat and also not from Dawei.

Border crossing

Travel between Kawthaung (Myanmar) - Myo Ma Jetty and Ranong (Thailand) - Saphan Pla is possible daily even on public holiday from 7 AM to 5 PM. You need a valid Burmese Visa to cross into Myanmar as a Western Foreigner. Some South East Asian countries get a free 14 day visa.

From the 01.09.2016 you will be able to enter this border with an E-Visa, which you can obtain online. (

Simple take a long tail boat around 50 Baht per person from Myoma Jetty  to cross the river to get to either site. Charter boat from 250 Baht or up.  Be aware that you can get stuck in Kawthaung if there are no boats going due to weather conditions.


There are visa exceptions that you can stay in Kawthaung up to 14 days if you pay 10 USD, but then you are not allowed to leave the 24 Mile (40 KM) city boundaries.

The Mawdaung / Singkorn border near Myeik is only open for Thai and Burmese Tourists these days. Currently the road is getting upgrade and I hope we can see this crossing opening in the next 1-2 years. You are allowed to travel to Mawdaung and stay there.