Land Border Crossings
Myanmar - Thailand - India - China - Laos

Borders are open daily even on public holiday from 7 AM to 5 PM. We advise to double check with your bus company and guesthouse. You need a valid Burmese Visa to cross into Myanmar as a Western Foreigner. ASEAN countries get a free 14 day visa on arrival. Nearly all crossing accept
E-Visa (

Myanmar (Burma) - Thailand - Crossings

If you enter into Thailand most of the nation get visa on arrival either 15 or 30 days. Please double check before you arrive to the border with Thai immigration online. 


The border crossing point has good connections on either site. Buses leave daily for Mae Sot from Chaing Mai 300 Baht or Bangkok 350 Baht. For now you can only continue onwards travel to Hpa An 10,000 Kyats or Mawlamyine  12,000 Kyats. The new highway makes traveling possible in both directions everyday. No more one way rule. Also the travel time is only 2,5 hours. You are allowed to cross the friendship bridge on foot. There are different booth for foreigners so you don't need to queue up getting stamp.

Avoid to arrive late as there might be no transport going to Hpa An / Mawlamyine.

If you want a private transfer to or from Mae Sot please feel free to contact us.


Three Pagoda Pass (Thailand)

Many GPS car routes and google map route leads through Three Pagoda Pass. However this border crossing is not open for international tourists.


If you leave Myanmar (Dawei) the minivan will pick you up around 8 AM from your hotel for around 25.000 Kyats. The 5,5 hours (SEP 19) drive along the Tanintharyi river and over the Tanintharyi mountains is stunning and worth the time. You can arrange with the driver that he will drive you to the Thai Immigration office, because there are 4 kilometer of no mans land in between. Kindly ask the hotel to do so as most likely the driver will speak no English. There are public buses twice a day to take you to Kanchanaburi 50-80 Baht . The better option is to ask waiting minivans (visa run companies) if they have a seat for you. A shared ride should cost around not more then 150 Baht and takes about 1 hr. Private options to Kanchanaburi can be around 500 Baht per person.

Borders are open daily even on public holiday from 7 AM to 5 PM. You need a valid Burmese Visa to cross into Myanmar as a Western Foreigner. This land border has no E-Visa Option yet to enter. If you like to exit with an E-Visa it is still fine. (01.09.2019). 

If you are coming from Thailand (Kanchanaburi) there will be a pubic bus station departing every hour from 7:00 AM for 50 Baht. Driving time is 1.25 hrs. Right after immigration there is an office which can call you a mini van for crossing the no mans land and taking you to Dawei. Price is 800 Baht.

Avoid to arrive late as there might be no transport going to Dawei. The road can become impassible during rainy season. It is possible to get to Bangkok within 10 hrs either way.

WATCH: Video impression of this trip.

If you want a private transfer to or from Kanchanaburi please feel free to contact us.


Maw Daung (myeik) <-> Prachuap Khiri Khan (Hua Hin)

Open only for Myanmar / Thai tourists, not for other nations.  (As off July 2019)


Simple take a shared long tail boat around 50-100 Baht per person from Kawthaung (Kawthoung) Myoma Jetty to cross the river to get to Saphan Pla Pier. A private boat charter from 300 Baht or up. Be aware that you can get stuck in Kawthaung if there are no boats going due to bad weather conditions. 

From Ranong you can continue in all directions from the bus station or have 3+ flights to Bangkok a day. From Kawthaung there are daily buses and minivans to Myeik and daily flights to Dawei.


Myanmar (Burma) - India - Crossings

TaMU <->Moreh

open details follow soon


Rikhawdar <-> Zokhawtar (Chumpai)

open detail follow soon


Myanmar (Burma) - China - Crossings

Muse <-> Ruili

All Myanmar / China border crossings are closed for foreigners. We will update as soon as anything changes (August 2019).


Myanmar (Burma) - Laos - Crossings

Kyainglap <-> Xieng Kok

The Myanmar-Laos Friendship Bridge opened in 2015 and is the only bridge crossing the Mekong River to connect the two countries. Travelling to and from this border is very remote and takes time. Crossing for foreigners is depending on the day to day situation


All overland border crossings in South East Asia